Landscape and Lawn Care Supplies

Landscape Supplies for Wilmington, NC

East Coast Mowers carries a variety of landscaping and lawn care supplies that your grass, garden, or greenery needs to grow lush and healthy. We have the highest-quality supplies that will keep your grass consistently growing and looking greener than ever before. From lawn care chemicals to fertilizer that will help your grass grow thick and strong, we have it all.

The secret to a great looking landscape arrangement is to use the proper materials. At East Coast Mowers, we have the supplies you need to keep your property looking its best all year round. As lawn and landscape care experts, we can help you strategize for an eye-popping arrangement that stays healthy and rooted from season to season. If you're starting a new landscape from scratch, you should start by mapping out your desired arrangement. Have a general idea of what your arrangement will look like. Keep in mind that you may need to eventually get equipment into a bed to deal with trees or large shrubs, so plan accordingly! Choose plants that accentuate your property and help it blend into the street. Choose focal points that stand out, but don't stick out. Remember to plan for air circulation and movement. And make sure to use the proper equipment to make sure that your landscape is securely planted, properly irrigated, and well maintained. 

If there’s something specific you need, call us to find out if we have it! We have a variety of supplies for garden beds, grass, and other greenery, so we’re sure to have what you’re looking for. At East Coast Mowers, we have supplies for both homeowners and commercial landscapers.

Lawn Care Supplies 

Call us today to find out if we have the landscaping or lawn care supplies you need at home or that your landscaping business needs for your customers. We are happy to provide residential and commercial customers throughout Wilmington, NC with the supplies they need to boast lush, healthy, and well-maintained landscapes.
Landscape Supply Wilmington, NC
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