Help Your Grass Grow To All New Lengths
With Lawn Fertilization Services in Wilmington, NC

Do you want the thickest lawn and healthiest plants possible? Have you gone to the garden store and been overwhelmed by the variety and types of fertilizer available? Have you spent countless dollars on fertilization products and still have bare, patchy, or brown spots? 

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you should try contacting Scott's Lawn Care, Inc. We provide the Wilmington, NC area with professional lawn care, fertilization and maintenance services and more. 

Lawn Fertilization, Wilmington, NC
Lawn Maintenance Wilmington, NC

Lawn Disease Control & Fertilization Services

Whether your current lawn needs a little TLC, you need lawn disease control, or you’re thinking of planting completely new grass on your property, we can help. Our landscapers can help you achieve a thick, lush, and green lawn with our lawn fertilization services. Your lawn will be sprouting new blades of green grass in no time!

Fertilizer contains a special combination of formulas that provide plants with the essential nutrients they need to grow. Our landscapers have years of experience working in the area and know exactly which fertilizers work best with the soil and weather conditions unique to Southeastern North Carolina. Please call Scott’s Lawn Care, Inc. to find out more about our lawn fertilization services. 

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