Lawn Pest Control Wilmington, NC
Lawn Care Wilmington, NC
Lawn Disease Control Wilmington, NC
Lawn Weed Control Wilmington, NC
Lawn Pest Control Wilmington, NC

Professional Landscaping and Lawn Care Services for Wilmington, NC

What does your yard say about you? Here at Scott’s Lawn Care, Inc., we understand that the appearance of your home or business’s exterior is just as important as your interior. Whether you want to completely redesign your landscape or you need your current landscape groomed and maintained, we’re here to help. Our landscaping and lawn care company offers a variety of maintenance and treatment services in order to handle any issue you might have.

Lawn Weed Control Wilmington, NC

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Mowing (Maintenance)
Clean up
Fertilization/Weed control
Insect control
Pressure washing
Outside lighting

Scott’s Lawn Care, Inc. is a professional family-operated landscaping company that is locally owned in Wilmington, NC. Since 1995, we have been hard at work transforming countless residential and commercial properties thanks to our unrivaled lawn care services. We can mow, weed, plant, fertilize, and grade your outdoor areas to utter perfection. We even offer lawn pest control services to keep unwanted and harmful critters off your property.

Our landscapers have years of experience in the industry and can take on landscape projects of all shapes and sizes. You’ll be amazed at how gorgeous your yard will look when we’re through with it. Give us a call today to receive an estimate on your desired landscaping and lawn maintenance work. 

Lawn Fertilization Wilmington, NC

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